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World is changing .. better get to know

Maybe this is our first blog post, but for sure, there’s more to come. We want to see the world greener and use the resources it offers us carefully.

We love people and communities. In spite of the deterioration of the ecological balance, we are still able to offer you dozens of functional food products from chickpeas to beans that we produce.

We are in love with Istanbul and we want to help you find contacts from important sectors in our country, grow your business volume and work more efficiently with lower costs along with A+ quality unique global services.

What Cekirdek Global serves & produces

We are engaged in different business lines. We have been integrated with many subjects from cinema sector to health sector, from organic cotton bags production to customs services and functional food production.

We are aware of how fast time passes, the requirements of the digital age and what they can add to us.
There is no doubt that we will offer you a serious advantage with our unique global services in the world.

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