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Chinese Investments in Global Logistics

China will further encourage domestic logistics companies to acquire overseas distribution centers to facilitate the nation’s trade growth. A better overseas logistics network would improve the efficiency of domesticexporters and importers and therefore stimulate trade growth. Chinese companies should thoroughly study the regulatory landscape before entering any foreign market. That means ‘China will invest in developing countries at first glance but that may take at least 1 year for prestudies. Europe’s debt crisis, which has crimped developed economies’ trade, might offer anopportunity for Chinese logistics companies. Chinese companies may be able to make overseas acquisitions at a lower costs. Target countries will probably be...

Cekirdek Turkish Logistics Report 2013 0

Cekirdek Turkish Logistics Report 2013

General outlook: Turkey plans to be one of the top 10 global economies by 2023. Stable macroeconomic growth over the last decade has resulted in an expansion of international trade. Trade in Turkey has...


Turkish Logistics Targets

Turkey forms a geographical, economic, and cultural bridge between Europe and Asia. The country has invested heavily in land transportation infrastructure and developed one of the largest land transportation fleets in Europe. Turkey has...